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Tiffany Stained Glass, Ltd. was founded in 1975 as a specialty manufacturer of quality glass products for designers and architects. Since that time, our experience has extended into many other associated crafts and disciplines, and has expanded our repertoire significantly. While we continue to serve the design and construction trades, well informed homeowners can take advantage of our professional capabilities to enhance fine home design. 

We provide doors and windows of superior quality, but also provide the same level of craftsmanship to our light fixtures and skylight installations. This allows the designer to coordinate features that integrate perfectly, and provide a contiguous design environment.  

Our focus is on the architectural aspect of your design. We are fluent in a number of design styles. From American Victorian to Art Moderne, our design experience can deliver a product design that is accurate in the subtlest of details. Our commitment to your projects goals, and product requirements are our foremost concern.

With an eye to contemporary standards, modern technical capabilities are employed to provide greater design value. CAD drawings and computer controlled manufacturing systems are employed to provide maximum value throughout the entire fabrication process. While the art of hand craftsmanship is considered paramount, no contemporary manufacturing advantage is overlooked.

On quality and value, our goal is to deliver to the builder and owner products that exceed expectations, and provide  a valuable contribution to the process. This is the driving philosophy that has won repeat business from the majority of our clients.

We Invite you to preview our website, and consider the advantages of our quality craftsmanship. The examples of our product shown here are actual installations, presented in a format that will help you to understand our capabilities. 

If your project calls for unique design and timeless glasswork, call on Tiffany Stained Glass, Ltd.       

Our phone number is 312 642 0680 .              We look forward to hearing from you !


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