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Tiffany Stained Glass offers expert professional restoration services to preserve the value and integrity of architectural artifacts and antique decorative arts. Our experience in this field is extensive, and covers a    wide range of trade disciplines. We consult with you to establish your requirements, determine an appropriate course of action, and plan for a professional project execution.

First Presbyterian Church of DuPage
Restore and reframe stained glass windows              Bolingbrook, IL
Riverside Water Tower
Restore leaded glass windows and frames              Riverside, IL
John G. Shedd Aquarium
Restore Antique Fixtures                                       Chicago, IL
Ravinia Festival
Restore Antique Fixtures                                             Highland Park, IL


Private residence
Restore Stained Glass Dome                                   Glencoe, IL
Tiffany Lamp restoration
Private Owner                                                            New Mexico
Glen View Golf Club                                                 Privacy Windows                                                       Insulated Exterior Glazing and custom framing              Golf, Il

If you require expert professional restoration,                                       call us today at 312 642 0680 for a consultation. 



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