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 Beveled Glass - Doors and Windows

Beveled glass is considered by many to be the most elegant of all architectural leaded glass. The colourless glasses blend effortlessly with any setting, and the polished bevels provide a brilliant display. 

All of our work is done in our Chicago Studio and all of our leaded glass is fabricated of the same materials and techniques employed for hundreds of years. Our products are crated for safe delivery, and have been successfully shipped worldwide. 

Beaux Arts Beveled Window
Main Elevation                                                            Private Residence                                                  Chicago, Il
Grand Staircase Window
Large Beveled Window                                         illuminates a large staircase                                    Private Residence                                                  Winnetka, Il
Beveled Gallery Windows
Sixteen Leaded Beveled Windows restore a                   grand Dining Room.                                                      Private residence                                                         Beverly Hills, Chicago
Interior Passage Doors
Arched Top French Doors                                       Private Residence                                                      Oak Park, Il


Beveled Window Tryptich
Dining Room Windows                                                 Private residence                                                 Mackinac Island, Michigan
Beveled French Doors
Interior passage doors                                                 Private Residence                                                     Inverness, Il



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